News from Nordic Air Filtration

06 Mar. 2020
Nordic Air Filtration is proud to announce that for the eighth consecutive year, we maintain the highest credit rating - AAA based on Binode’s cred
29 Jan. 2020
Let's start the new year with a health check up! 
17 Dec. 2019
The basic function of a dust collector in the cement industry
26 Nov. 2019
Nordic Air Filtration again participated in the annual Fabtech trade show November 11th through November 14th at Chicago’s Mc
27 Sep. 2019
Nordic Air Filtration and DELBAG are on a mission to supply air intake systems with effective air filtration solutions.
18 Jul. 2019
Nordic Air Filtration team from Ch
gas-turbine filtration
10 May. 2019
What is the definition of a good filtration?
01 May. 2019
The sales in China have tripled in recent years, driven by the innovative products that help our customers to comply with strict emission standards
23 Apr. 2019
Then the German general dust limit (ASGW) is already known to you?
15 Apr. 2019
Thank you for the good past days at POWTECH!