Free inlet house inspection and consulting

Let's start the new year with a health check up! 

As we are now entering 2020, Nordic Air Filtration – Middle East, would like to provide you a small, but rather important gift. Our Service team is ready to give you a statement report of your inlet house – FREE OF COSTS. There will be no strings attached and no requirement for any purchase afterward. The service provided is a statement report of the most important parts in your inlet house, to give a clear picture of the current situation. After the inspection, we will hand over a report of the "health" situation, where any findings will be listed. You can choose to let Nordic Air Filtration give a quote on the findings, but it is all up to you.

The Inlet house provides air for the compressors and is the most critical part for causing problems with high Delta Pressure (Dp) and/or fouling.
Both Dp and fouling are causing less efficiency and less output and can eventually cause an unplanned shutdown.
The inspection consists of:

  • Inspection on all accessible filtration levels.
  • Inspection of yokes alignment and fixation.
  • Inspection on accessible outer / inner construction.
  • Inspection on solenoid valves / pulse system.
  • Recommendation for improvements.

Please see your inlet house as the human body. – If our lungs are not 100% operational, we will have a hard time to run and enjoy life.
Imagine if we, by this free of charge inspection can improve the airflow and efficiency by 1% only!!
This promotion is valid in January, February and Marts 2020, only in the areas of United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait .

Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything else in relation to your filters!

Commercial Director - Middle East Sales / Business Development
Lars Krogh
Phone: +45 5089 4926