Mission & Values

Nordic Air Filtration's Vision & Mission

At Nordic Air Filtration, we strive to be the world's choice for filtration solutions. We provide products and services that our customers view as the highest value in the industry. 
Every day we strive to become even better.

Our Vision
We are leaders in our industry .. and have exceptionally high customer loyalty

Our Mission
We will provide our customers with know-how, innovation, quality, flexibility and security of supply – and thereby live up to our motto “Quality on Time”. 

Nordic Air Filtration's Values


We act honestly and fairly with colleagues and business partners.

We always ensure information is shared to the best of our knowledge and conscience in a spirit of mutual respect.

We accomplish our tasks objectively and with the target in mind. Personal attitudes or our own advantages do not play any role.

We interact with one another by applying jointly agreed rules.


Our conduct to others is always characterized by mutual respect and esteem, as we would expect for ourselves.

We accept diversity and uniqueness of our counterparts to ensure an atmosphere of trust.

When developing our products and processes, we are guided by the principle of sustainability and regard for natural resources and the environment.


We carry out our tasks reliably, uphold a spirit of responsibility, and are prepared to learn from our mistakes.

We successfully perform our tasks and ensure a corresponding degree of benefit.

We work effectively and efficiently, in other words, we do the right things in the best possible manner.

We avoid misconduct and waste, no matter how seemingly trivial.