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Based on myNordic success, we have decided to bring myDelbag on our side and become stronger together.

Today we celebrate the first milestone where an initial number of 500 new HVAC and HEPA items from Delbag are available for all the myNordic users including you!

What to expect when you will log into myNordic: six new product categories that can provide clean air in commercial, industrial and residential areas such as Synthetic and Glass Bag filters, Compact & Panel filters, Hepa filters, and Filter Mats.

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The robust design of DELBAG synthetic and glass bag filters provides a long service life, excellent energy efficiency, high air purification, and maximum operational reliability. They are typically used as a second filter stage in gas turbines, compressors, engine power plants, as well as in a wide range of process technology. The MultiSack bag filters are made of most progressive synthetic fiber fleece or premium glass fibers and processed to wedge-shaped filter bags.

The Delbag HEPA filters consist of special paper-like fleece made of superfine micro-glass fibers, with individual folds separated by hotmelt to provide great stability and even filter pleats. For the outer frame are available different materials: MDF, Plywood, Aluminium, Galvanized steel or Stainless Steel. Areas of applications: Electronics or microelectronics, production of semiconductors, health care, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, microbiology.

The Delbag MultiForm filter elements made of micro-fiber glass fiber paper are used in applications that requires the highest standards in air purity. The MultiForm range of filters has a 4V-shape filter design, with high mechanical stability, great air volume flow with small installation depth. On request the filter can be equipped with an aluminum grip protection on the clean air side.

Delbag Filter mats consisting of polyester fibers are effective coalescers with hydro and oleophobic treatment satisfying filter classes up to M5. The filter mats are highly used for coarse dust removal in prefiltration, as a cut-to-size flat panel.

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