Metals / Aluminium

Industrial Filters for Metals / Aluminium

The Metals & Aluminium industries are characterized by normal and high operating temperatures and a large amount of smaller dust particles. These conditions require optimal dust filtration efficiency, optimal airflow and a high dust loading capacity.

Nordic Air Filtration provides a wide range of air filtration solutions, such as cartridge filters, pleated bags and flat cell panel filters specifically for these conditions. We specialize in air filtration of dust from grinding, flame spray, foundry, zinc and welding fumes (dry and oily).

Conversion from Bag Filters to Pleated Bags

Are you currently using conventional bag filters, Nordic Air Filtration can provide increased filtration capacity for your existing dust collector. By installing our pleated bag filter cartridges with increased filter area, you will gain higher filtration efficiency.

The existing bag filter hole plate can be used when installing pleated bag filter cartridges. Read more about the benefits of substituting bag filters with pleated bags.

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for the Metals / Aluminium industry.