Plasma / Laser cutting

Industrial Filters for Plasma / Laser cutting

The plasma & laser cutting industry generates enormous amounts of very fine dust particles. Therefore, this type of operation requires an air filtration solution that ensures stable differential pressure and high efficiency.

Nordic Air Filtration provides filter cartridgespleated bags and flat cell panel filters specifically for plasma and laser tables. Also, if the operation contains sparks, we supply filter cartridges with flame retardant filter media.

PreTreat to increase initial efficiency during startup

In addition, we recommend applying PreTreat to your cartridges, a treatment that not only increases the initial efficiency upon startup, but it will also enhance the flame retardant properties of the media.

Years of Experience with the Plasma Cutting Industry

We have years of experience supplying air filter solutions for this type of dust, and manufacture plasma cutting filter cartridges for several large OEM customers as well as provide aftermarket and replacement filters.

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for the Plasma / Laser cutting industry.