Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters

Nordic Air Filtration provides high technology Gas Turbine Air Inlet filtration solutions for all operating environments throughout the world. Our gas turbine filter cartridges are installed on GE, Siemens, Alstom, Turbomach, Solar and many other gas turbines around the world.

Gas Turbine Efficiency

With our vast gas turbine experience and our wide range of high quality media and material, we offer first fit as well as replacement filter element solutions for increased gas turbine efficiency.

Also, we offer custom solutions for your specific air inlet filtration needs as well as on-site technical field test and support.

Here you will find information on a selection of our standard gas turbine filter cartridges and panel filters. However, please contact us directly for inquiries about other gas turbine cartridge or panel filter types, customized air filter cartridges or solutions to increase your gas turbine efficiency.