Pleated Bags versus Filter Bags


Increased durability, better efficiency, energy savings, reduced emission levels and easier installation


Up to 10 m. long



Max. 2 m. long

Benefits of Pleated Bags

  • Polyester media and PU end caps in the bottom prevent abrasion/leaks
  • Can be retrofitted into existing bag filter dust collectors using existing tube sheet holes (adaptor rings enable easy installation in tubesheets ranging
    from 115 - 208 mm diameter)
  • Short pleated bag filters can optimize the capacity of existing collectors - hence prevent the need to invest in larger baghouses. Also, they require less air for efficient pulse cleaning

Filter Bags vs. Pleated Bags

  Filter Bags Nordic Air Filtration's Pleated Bags
Filter length Up to 10 meters Max. 2 meters
Filter surface area Conventional 2 - 4 times larger than bag filter
Life cycle Normal Excellent
Installation/Maintenance Labor intensive 60% lower installation and maintenance costs
Abrasion/Leaks Can occur Lower Abrasion risk - out of the abrasion path
Emission level Limited Up to 90% lower emission level
Energy consumption Acceptable Up to 50% lower energy consumption
Air required for cleaning As designed 50% - 70% less cleaning air consumed
Efficient pulsing 6 bar 3 - 6 bar
Flow Limited 20% higher throughput
Pressure drop As designed 20% lower than conventional filter bags
Drop out box Small Larger = less dust re-entrainment on filter

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Depth versus surface filtration

Pleated Bag cartridges are surface filtration cartridges.


> Less accumulation of dust
> Less pressure drop
> Longer filter life cycle

See our new brochures here and get inspiration from casestudies that have benefitted highly from converting from filter bags to a Nordic Pleated Bag solution.

Case study: 1820 pleated bags replaced 3584 filter bags exceeding expectations. Read more..