Newly EC 1935:2004 certified

Is your food equipment EU 1935:2004 Compliant? 

In order to improve and ensure the public health, higher requirements are demanded among the EU countries for materials and equipment used in the connection with production of food & beverage.

In Europe, the most important regulation for food contact materials is the EC 1935:2004 named also Framework Regulation. It requires that the materials and articles that comes in direct contact with foodstuff named in the legislation as food contact material (FCM) must be compliant according to EC 1935:2004 and likewise in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

The products we manufacture for food contact are made respecting the Good Manufacturing Practice as part of the EC 1935 Regulation. 

Certified filtration solutions 

Our extensive product line includes stainless steel filter cartridgespleated bags and flat cell panel filters for a variety of dust types generated from food and beverage manufacturing. 

When supplying filtration articles, we ensure to comply with the required level of documentation and our foodstuff approved items are supplied with the statutory documentation for FCM articles in accordance ​to EC 1935:2004, EC 2023:2006 and (EU) No.10/2011 together with a summary of phisical properties and the recommended field of applications. Read more about our filtration solutions for food and beverage.

Contact your local sales representative to discuss the ideal air filtration solution for your specific dust types.