Weltech Technology

Weltech the ultrasonic welding solution

Weltech Technology ensures 100 % pleat alignment with no use of glue. An ultrasonic welding of each pleat tip to the retainer band requires no adhesive, which makes it non-collapsible even at high vacuum pressure.
Weltech provides several benefits:
  • No glue or adhesives that could react with your process dust
  • Perfect pleat spacing - for better filter cleaning performance and more even airflow
  • Strong! - it will never crack
  • Slim design - with no bulky bands to get caught in the tube sheet during installing and removing the filter
  • Maximum temperature resistance is obtained
  • The method is FDA compliant and ensures nothing fall off into the hopper
  • Suitable for high temperatures, acid, hydrolysis or alkali substance

The technology is applicable for cartridge diameters up to 190 mm - otherwise USW bands are always an option. Read more about the banding options we have available.

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