Nordic Air Filtration offers a wide range of value-added services to help optimize the performance of your collector and inlet house, such as Inspections, Technical support, Research & Development, In-House Laboratory Services and Total Cost of Ownership Savings Report.

Nordic Air Filtration's inspection services

Inspection of Collectors/Air Inlet Houses

Nordic Air Filtration offers inspection of your dust collector/air inlet house to help identify the optimum filtration solution for your operating environment and industry.


Research & Development

Our R&D departments situated in Denmark and in Germany work closely together to ensure our global customers unique products that provide added value and high ROI.


Technical Support

We provide technical support to help our customers select and implement the optimum filtration solution


In-House Laboratory Services

Our strong technical team and extensive laboratory facilities allow us to provide a variety of test services to our Global customers


Total Cost of Ownership Savings Report

Our savings report based on your specific dust collector details gives you a full overview of how you can maximize airflow through your baghouse, reduce energy and maintenance cost - and maximize the life cycle of your filters.