Mini-Pleat Technology

Optimizes filter performance through a drop of glue.

Mini-Pleat technology means that glue beads are placed strategically throughout the pleats of the filter cartridge, to avoid pinching or collapsing of the pleats.
The glue opens the pleats and keeps them secure, exposing the optimal media area to the air stream.
The uniform pleat spacing provides higher media utilization over media lifetime and has a higher dust holding capacity resulting in a lower pressure drop.
As it also causes an enhanced dust release effect during pulse cleaning, you obtain a lower energy consumption by using Mini-Pleats.

Overall it improves the durability of the filter cartridges significantly.

The technology is available for several designs, pleat depths and distances, and are available for Cellulose/blend, Polyester and PTFE Membrane filter media.

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DATASHEET:​ Mini-Pleat System