In-House Laboratory Services

An extension of our customer’s engineering department

The R&D department at Nordic Air Filtration can help improve the performance of our customers' filtration solution and ensure high ROI. We do so by acting as an extension of our customer's engineering department.

Our strong technical team and extensive laboratory facilities allow us to provide a variety of services to our Global customers such as:

  • Standard Analytical Tests
  • Custom Tests
  • Mullen Burst Testing
  • Microscopic Photography
  • Particle Sizing

Our Standard Analysis includes:

  • Filter Service Life Testing (how much life is left in your filter)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Failed Filter Analysis (Cause of Failure)
  • Contaminant Analysis (Type/amount/dust loading characteristics)

Our Prototype Design Testing tests all new designs thoroughly. Custom Tests include:

  • Pulseablility
  • Particle Analysis
  • Filtrate pH
  • Filtrate Hydrocarbon/Oil Contamination
  • Microscopic Analysis and Micrography

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