Industrial Filtration for the Cement Industry

Cement consists of very hard and abrasive dust particles. Being very abrasive, this dust type rapidly wears out filter bags. To ensure the filters do not fail, frequent filter bag replacement is needed. Obviously, this equals frequent maintenance.

Reduce Emissions and Maintenance with Pleated Bags

By installing shorter filter cartridges with protecting PU end caps such as Nordic Air Filtration's pleated bags, the above problems are solved. Even though the filter cartridges are shorter, their capacity remains the same due to their construction and large filter area. The exact same tube sheet used for installing bag filters can be used when mounting pleated bag filter cartridges and no baghouse modification is needed. Contact us to hear about your opportunities.

Read about the benefits of replacing bag filters with pleated bags 

Filtration Solutions for every Part of the Process:

We have cartridges, flat cell panel filterspleated bags solutions for all major process steps in the cement industry:

  • Clinker Cooler (high temp)
  • Raw & Finish Mills (medium temp)
  • Silos & Bin Vents (low temp)
  • Pack Houses & Loadout Stations (low temp)
  • Terminals (low temp)
  • Ready-Mix Facilities (low temp)

Problem Identification & Solution

Nordic Air Filtration can help optimize your baghouse with our expertise. We help identify the optimal filtration solutions including which filter media and accessories would benefit the performance in each individual part of your cement plant to improve your plant performances.
Examples of problems solved:

  • Premature filter life
  • High-pressure drop
  • High Air to Cloth ratio
  • Emissions issues

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for the Cement industry.