Industrial Filtration for the Chemicals Industry

The chemical industry generates dust which includes pigment, paints, chemicals used in agriculture, pesticides, etc. Chemical dust is aggressive and can be corrosive, toxic, combustible or explosive, often containing alkalis and acid.

Environmental Compliance & Product Recovery

Each process step involved in the chemical industry is a source of significant dust that may need to be captured for environmental compliance as well as product recovery:

  • Main Process/Batch Systems
  • Spray Dryers
  • Purge Filter Systems
  • Catalyst/Calciner Kilns
  • Material Handling & Transfer Units
  • Silo/Bin Vents

The products manufactured by Nordic Air Filtration are designed specifically to capture dust generated in these processes and include cartridge filters, pleated bags and flat cell panel filters. All our product offerings for the chemical industry are certified high efficient filtration products that meet strict industry regulations.

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for the Chemical industry.