Test new cartridge types in own operating environment

Mobile test rig enables on-site risk-free testing of 2 filter cartridges simultaneously before investing

Nordic Air Filtration's Mobile Test Rig allows power plants primarily in the to test state-of-the-art filtration technology in their own environment prior to investing in new filters.

Simulates a complete Gas Turbine Air Inlet House
The testing facility allows the customer to test 2 filter cartridges (or sets) simultaneously and thus offers a unique opportunity to compare the efficiency of existing filter cartridges with new types of cartridges. It simulates a complete working Gas Turbine Air Inlet House with pulse cleaning directly at the customer's site.
Sensors monitor airflow, pressure drop, power consumption, humidity and particle penetration and all data is stored for analysis. Airflow rate can be adjusted to replicate actual flow through an air inlet.

Risk-Free, Site Specific Testing
The test rig is equipped with a remote-controlled data logger. All data is collected at Nordic Air Filtration's headquarter and is shared with the customer in order to analyze the performance of filter(s) with relation to site-specific environmental conditions over a specific period.

The client can then make an informed decision on what type of filters to install based on the results of this testing.

The Mobile Test Rig is a cost-effective way for the client to test which filters are most suitable for this site. It enables the client to get a site-specific indication on the future performance of a filter, in a period of 2-3 month at a very low cost, without risking a complete change out of the air inlet.

Because of its size, the rig can be transported and installed at the site very quickly.