Food & Beverage

Industrial Filters for Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry is characterized by being subject to much control and there are numerous guidelines to which manufacturers must adhere. Nordic Air Filtration can assist you in ensuring that your filtration solutions meet the current EC 1935/2004 and  the FDA regulations.

Our extensive product line includes stainless steel filter cartridgespleated bags and flat cell panel filters for a variety of dust types generated from food and beverage manufacturing.

Products designed according to Food Standards

All EU member states must follow the regulations of EC 1935:2004 – regardless of whether equipment or solutions are supplied to countries within or outside the EU. These regulations must include therefore also the industrial filters that are intended or can be expected to come into direct contact with foodstuff. EU regulations are based on a list of permitted and unpermitted substances, migration testing of substances, and the limits approved. This Regulation applies to all materials and articles which, in their finished state are, intended to come into direct contact with food. Read more about the requirements we meet when suplying filtration products for food and beverage industry.

Food and Drug Administration or FDA, is the body of law that regulates food, cosmetics and drug manufacturing in the United States. The goal of FDA law is to make food and drugs safe for public consumption. FDA regulations are based on permissible levels of potentially harmful substances and a list of “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) substances. The FDA requires that the finished product is made with FDA compliant raw materials.

The EC 1935:2004 has largely replaced the FDA since it has more stringent requirements

For example, stainless steel and ceramic materials must comply with EC 1935:2004, but there are no specific FDA regulations that cover these materials. The implication of this is that not all FDA materials will meet EC 1935:2004 requirements. Contact your local sales representative to discuss the ideal air filtration solution for your specific dust types.