Industrial Filtration for the Textile Industry

The spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing and other processes that are required to convert fiber into a finished fabric or garment, typically generate a significant amount of cotton dust. This dust needs to be captured in an efficient and comprehensive manner and pleated cartridges are routinely used to capture this dust.

High Airflow & Optimum Cleaning Efficiency is Essential

As the dust primarily consists of fibers, specific filter media is required to ensure optimal air filtration. The filter media needs to demonstrate very high airflow and high cleaning efficiency. Also, a large filter surface is essential.

Nordic Air FIltration offers antistatic filter media which eliminate any electrostatic accumulation of the dust/fibers in the filter cartridge. Note that cleaning of the filter cartridge is essential in order to safeguard the efficiency and life cycle of the filter. This is done by combining an efficient pulse system with an antistatic filter cartridge.

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for the Textile industry.