Other industries & dust types

Industrial Filters for Other industries & dust types

We provide filtration solutions for most industries such as abrasive handling, pneumatic conveying and powder / bulk processing.

Abrasive handling

Through extensive research and time in the field, the product development experts at Nordic Air FIltration have developed a product line of air filters that is strong enough to withstand the extreme abrasiveness that these applications produce.

Our filter media solutions for abrasive handling include synthetic anti-static filter media for a longer filter life which results in less downtime for your operation.

Pneumatic conveying

The dust types produced by pneumatic conveying are typically small and the dust collection systems are usually pulsing applications, to allow for efficient material separation.

Nordic Air Filtration provides a range of air filtration solutions suitable for the pneumatic conveying business.

Powder & Bulk processing

Powder and bulk processing has a wide number of potential applications due to the complexity and variety of particulate.

Nordic Air FIltration offers a wide variety of media suitable to meet the needs of the powder and bulk processing industry.

Contact us if you have special needs

Our website showcases our standard filter media and standard filter cartridges, pleated bags and flat cell panel filters. If your industry/operation is not represented on our website, please don't hesitate to contact your local sales representative to discuss the most suitable air filtration solution for your operation.

Below you see Nordic Air Filtration's recommended filter media for a couple of other applications.