Synthetic Wave System

Are you operating within challenging application segments such as laser, plasma, welding, or flame cutting? Is your dedusting system in need for filtration solutions that can enhance the removing fumes and dust?

Now, you can increase the filter performance up to 35% in your operations by using the Synthetic Wave System for polyester and ePTFE membrane, in comparison to traditional polyester cartridges.

Someone could believe that a larger filter area naturally increases the filter´s life cycle, but there is one crucial factor which needs to be considered. It is the tightness of the pleats. Smaller spacing between pleats can result in losing most of the functioning filter area because the only parts that are exposed to the dust and particle air flow are only the tips of the pleats.

The increased filter performance and more extended longevity of a filter cartridge equipped with the Synthetic Wave System are accomplished by its advanced cleaning effect and optimized flow conditions. The waves of the filter media are creating enough space between pleats, which results in more air permeability and higher air volume flow leading to a less differential pressure during the process.

Together with the efficient dedusting and high cleanability level, the wave formed polyester media can help you with:

  • Reducing power consumption and compressed air which leads to improved energy efficiency.
  • Helps to successfully comply with general dust limits (German dust limit ASGW)
  • Higher dust collection which results in a healthier environment for your employees, and it protects the environment from harmful emissions.

Equipped with the Synthetic Wave Media range, the cartridges will withstand abrasive, toxic and explosive dust produced in the most challenging applications. The Synthetic Wave medias have a 100% synthetic base, termally bonded with the additional treatments:

  • Antistatic surface coating
  • Nanofiber layer
  • Antistatic with ePTFE membrane layer
  • Hydrophobic / oleophobic surface coating

Contact your local sales representative to learn more about how we can optimize your filter performance.

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