Solutions for your Powder Coating Booth

Powder coating is an attractive, efficient and a durable type of painting. In comparison to other paint types which contain solvents and volatile organic compounds, powder coating is considered an environmentally friendly finishing option.

The use of the cartridge filter collector in the powder coating industry became the most popular and efficient in enabling the finishers to utilize 99% of the powder paint purchased due to the recovering system.

Filter Cartridges vs Panel/Pocket Filters 

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  • The major advantage when using a cartridge filter is that the dust accumulated will be pulsed off keeping the filters clean and the powders can be reclaimed instead of being stuck in the filter media.

The solutions that often includes panel filters, polyester pocket filters or cut-to fit sheets proved in many cases to be inefficient since all the powder captured on the filter media slows down the airflow through the filters.

  • On top of that, the dust is usually collected in the filter media, meaning that it gets easily clogged and becomes messy when changing because of all the powder captured.

The cartridges will eventually capture powders as well in the filter media to lower their efficiency, but because of the pulse cleaning, their working lifetime is much longer comparing with the options named before.

How to choose the right filter media

Just because the powder used in powder coating isn’t as hazardous as solvent-containing volatile paints, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fire and a health hazard.

Our filter media variety starts from a cellulose, spun-bond polyester or even membrane laminates to Nano surface media types, all pending of the challenge which you are facing. If you are now thinking that it will be hard to decide, which type of media to choose, Nordic will always be at your service to provide help and guidance so the correct type of product is selected for your specific application environment.

  1. The cartridges equipped with cellulose media known as 80/20, will not be efficient enough to capture the small particles and neither to reclaim the powder, but it is the lowest priced option, offers only moderate efficiency and is best  suited for spray to waste powder operations.
  2. The aluminized spun-bond polyester (anti-static) media is one of the most popular materials for powder coating. The media carries a metallized surface treatment, which reduces static between filters and the powder paint inside the filter collector. This makes an ideal filter for an effective pulse cleaning when static electricity buildup is a concern. An additional benefit of a polyester media is the high durability of the base material, and the higher abrasion resistance compared to a stand blend media. In addition to being more efficient the aim is to eliminate any challenges regarding statically charged dust and sparks within the dust collector.
  3. In extreme situations, our UX-NANO HP media can handle the very small particles and still has a long filter life as long as the application doesn’t face high moisture levels. If you simply want to acquire the best performance all the way through, you can choose our ePTFE membrane media, which will give you an E11 efficiency as well as a high durable filter surface. Read more...

Over 10.000 filter configurations

Nordic Air Filtration offers replacement cartridge filters for all filter collector styles, utilized within the Powder Coating industry. Our filter design options include a broad variety of different top-flange styles, in many different shapes, as well as  customized manufacturing technologies (i.e., special gaskets, galvanized or stainless-steel constructions, open or closed top and bottom solutions, variations of the pleat number, depth, spacing, design, etc.).

Our products include tailor-made cartridge designs, which are of high durability, reliability and can be of great value to our clients, throughout their entire application service life.

Applications like transport, conveying, mixing, dosing, movement, and appliance of the powder paint/coating are within our expertise.

A proper grounding of the powder coating equipment should prevent static charge from building up on the filters, and we have different options available. However, in some situations static can be a problem in the dust collection system. In this case, it can be solved by using cartridges with spunbonded media with a special aluminized coating that makes sure the filters are properly grounded.

Nordic Air Filtration provides a cost-effective solution for specific powder coating requirements.

Currently more than 10.000 design filters are available within our product selection, having many varieties to choose from, with the opportunity to highly improve the efficiency of your powder application system.

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