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Nordic Air Filtration and DELBAG are on a mission to supply air intake systems with effective air filtration solutions.
Is your plant exposed to constant sandstorms? Does the daily temperature climb over 40 ⁰C? Or is it the opposite, installed in arctic conditions? Are your filter houses located in coastal areas or on an offshore platform?
Our united forces focus on implementing custom solutions. This means we can provide the whole range of air intake filters and those filters are designed for your specific air inlet filtration wishes.

And what about the operating costs?
The operating costs of air intake filtration systems can be reduced. Cost effectiveness is a result of optimal usage of air filters and the variation of different filter types, highly efficient media and several filter stages.

New system reduces filter classification from 9 classes to 4 groups
New worldwide standard ISO 16890 categorizes old standard EN779 into 4 classifications groups from ePM1 to Coarse which corresponds with old classifications from G3 to F9.
This new system emphasizes the size of particles which needs to be filtered. If filter separates at least 50% of the respective particle size (PM), it can be assigned to one of the 4 filter groups.

What can you expect from us?
With Nordic Air Filtration and DELBAG´s variety of products enhance your filtration system by one additional filter stage with no other structural changes. You can rely on us to provide you with customized solutions and premium filters. Our experts can help you with on-site testing and field support and guidance.
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