Rolling out filters from Camden

Nordic Air Filtration production team, producing first order coming from Camden

Manufacturing in the USA has been one of our primary goals for the past year, we know that it is essential for our US customers and hence also for us at Nordic Air Filtration. 
A lot of research, negotiation, and planning has resulted in the opening of three production lines at the Hengst Filtration production facilities in Camden, South Carolina. 

One production line are already fully up and running - and the first order produced was shipped out of Camden on the 12th January 2018, and was celebrated with a big lunch. 

Line #2 with pleated bags will be installed this week, with the first order set to be shipped at the beginning of February, and line #3 will be set up shortly after.

The team is really dedicated and eager to perform, making the atmosphere really engaging and motivating. We know that the production will be very busy in the coming months and they are ready. 

Want to know more about the production facilities, please contact Sales Director, Matt Gorecki:

T (331) 702-2932 

Production in Camden