Starting manufacturing in the USA Q1 2018.

Nordic Air Filtration, opens local USA production in Camden, South Carolina

Manufacturing locally in the USA has been a high priority since 2016, and is soon a reality!
Convenience, availability and short delivery times are essential for our customers, and hence also essential for us.
Therefore, it has been on the Nordic Air Filtration wish list to start up production in the USA since spring 2016. Nordic Air Filtration is owned by well renowned Hengst Filtration, who already has production facilities in Camden, South Carolina. Nordic Air Filtration has been procuring the right manufacturing equipment and set up in Camden for the past year, and will begin manufacturing there in Q1 2018. 

In Denmark our production facility is ISO certified, and our joint profound experience with high quality filter production will be applied to the North American production facility. 

Later in 2018 myNordic launches for US customers as well, at the moment it is being tested in Europe only.

The myNordic is an online universe that makes it easy for customers to search for products, find cross references, configure products in multiple ways, following orders through the manufacturing processes, planning service change-outs, finding invoices and of course buying the products. We want to make it convenient and time saving to be a Nordic customer. The myNordic universe is, for now, only available for current customers, but new customers can also require access if wanted.

Nordic Air Filtration will keep the sales office and warehouse facility in the Chicago area. 

For any questions please contact Matt Gorecki:
T (331) 702-2932