US webpage for our customers

We have great news to share! Nordic Air filtration is launching a custom-made web page especially for our customers in the U.S.A.   We want to be close to our customers and share relevant content; therefore we have spent some time on making a specific American website. This is also important due to language differences within the technical terms, this will be updated along the way. Making it easier for customers to search for the correct products online. 

On our website, you will find efficient air filtration solutions and related services along with detailed information on our selection of high-quality air filter cartridges, panel filters, pleated bags, and filter accessories for most dust collectors, baghouses, and gas turbine inlet housings. 

Take a look through our wide range of high-quality filter medias for all operating industrial applications.  We also offer custom solutions and medias for your specific air inlet filtration needs as well as on-site technical field visits and support.

Besides, also launches in the USA soon, and we want to have even more FAQ for troubleshooting implemented in both the American and UK versions. 

We have spent some time on updating our graphic design on the website as well, making it easier for our customers to find products and relevant information, we hope that you like the updated look and feel of the site. If you have any suggestions please contact Mona Petrescul  at