Milestone achievement for myNordic

More than 25% of our loyal customers already signed up to myNordic and several also use the website to place orders, since the launch of the platform last autumn. For us, this is a big success.

Why use  Let’s give you 5 good reasons:

Easy access from desktop, tablet, smartphone and other portable devices
Mobile phones are an integral part of modern life and we know how important it is to keep up with trends. myNordic is user-friendly on any gadget and keeps up with our hectic lives - use it at work or on the way; placing orders has never been easier.

Get instant help to any questions you may have
Whenever you have questions or doubts, our experts are available on LiveChat 24/7 to provide the best technical solutions - use them.

Find the equivalent product
It has never been easier to find the right product. With myNordic you can enter the original manufacturer number of your current filter, to find a matching NAF filter.

Create your own filter
At Nordic Air Filtration you can easily customize your own filter to fit your needs. Do it, either from scratch, or based on an existing product - you have many possibilities and we are very flexible and eager to help you find the best solution to your specific requirements.

Full overview of all pending orders
You can see all pending orders for your company - how far are they and when it is the expected date to be finalized and be available for delivery.