Inspection of Gas Turbine Filter House

Partnering with Nordic Air Filtration provides many advantages, including:

  • Complete Air Quality Program
  • Quaterly and Periodical GT Air Intake Efficiency check, Findings & Reporting
  • Access to client-specific, customised design and manufacturing
  • Removal, Fit and Commissioning Filter Cartridges
  • Disposal services through our local agents in the region

Nordic Air Filtration delivers output & availability above your expectations, with benefits that include: 

  • Proven Output Gains from your Gas Turbine
  • Increased Machine Reliability
  • Proven Extension to your Equipment Life
  • Extended Intervals betwen Maintenance & Shutdowns

Inspection of Gas Turbine Filter House will also include:

Filtration System:

  • Inspection of Filter Media & Filtration System
  • Physical Inspect Holding Frames and Grid Plates for 1st & 2nd Stage filters
  • Evaluate Filtration Retaining Hardware
  • Perform RUL ( Remaining Useful Life) test of the Filter Elements
  • Check for Bypass ( Air Tight) Sealing Quality, Visible Gaps - both 1st & 2nd Stage filters
  • Evaluate Pressure Drop & Change-out Procedures and Pulse Frequency

Filter House - Instrumentation

  • Physical Inspection of differential pressure gauges and switches
  • Check for moisture, factory seals on gauges
  • Check safety and shutdown alarms for inspection procedures
  • Examine Systems Operating Pressures
  • Review monitoring of practices differential pressure across filter banks

Plenum Area (Upstream and Downstream)

  • Inspect Drain Valves and Reservoirs in Plenum
  • Check for moisture or standing water on Clean and Dirty Air Plenum Floor (Potentia Safety Hazards)
  • Inspect Support Columns, silencer baffles and examine Walls, Floors,( Rust/ Corrosion)
  • Examine Framework, perforated sheet and inspect insulation material in Silencer baffles

Weather Hoods and Louvers

  • Inspect droplet catchers / drift eliminators
  • Rain Hood and Louvers

Evaporative Cooler System:

  • Inspect Evaporative Cooling Pads and Sump
  • Examine Water Distribution System
  • Check for Scale & Mineral Deposits and Inspect Drains and Water Quality
  • Review pH monitoring
  • Inspect Bleed-Off and make up water, check valves, strainers, and pumps
  • Review Cooling Performance

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