TWE - Synthetic / glass mix

TurboWeb – HE is a cost effective static alternative to HEPA filter media, which has proven 5 times more efficient than typical MERV 14 filter for  0.3 – 0.4 microns. Its exceptional water and salt repellency efficiencies prevents salt & water penetration and corrosion, resulting in less compressor fauling and less down time.

It's synthetic media properties offers very low operational pressure drop thoughout the filter life time reducing maintenance costs.

Synthetic/glass mix​
Media weight: 120 gram/m2

Water repellency 100%
Filtration efficiency E10:1822

TWE offers very high efficiency for power stations where Gas Turbine fouling is a major concern.

Suitable for intake houses that have pre filters and are operated in static and pulsable mode.

TheTWE filter media is suitable for:   Arctic Tropical Urban Coastal

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