Nordic Air Filtration has now a carbon neutral website

It is important to minimize carbon in the atmosphere, as this is the cause of global warming. Therefore, as a step in our green policy, we have invested in a campaign, planting trees for a greener future.

Trees are of immense importance to the global climate as they sequester carbon and by taking this action, our website is now carbon neutral.

The campaign “Place an order and plant a tree” was launched on the 5th October in cooperation with the Global Climate Institute. The campaign consisted in a tree planted for every single order placed on myNordic – our webshop.

The goal of the project is to reforest indigenous Miombo woodlands in small agricultural operations and to promote economic development.

Now, the campaign is ending, and the myNordic orders have planted enough trees to cover the CO2 emissions emitted by our website, making a carbon neutral website.