Have measures already been taken?

Then the German general dust limit (ASGW) is already known to you?
Have your company been using the transitional rules for the emission limit of A-dust? Then please remember, that since 1.1.2019 these transitional rules are no longer valid.
The German Institute of Occupational Safety and accident insurance (IFA) has lowered the General dust limit for respirable dust from originally 3.0 mg / m³ to 1.25 mg / m³.
For companies that have not yet dealt with this topic or are unsure about how to handle the new dust limit, Nordic Air Filtration offers professional advice to both customers and clients.
Nordic Air Filtration can provide you all the products needed, in accordance with new ASGW / DGUV requirements. Feel free to contact us, if you want to know more about the lowered emission limit.