Flat Cell Filters available in Tip2Tip

Nordic Air Filtration has investigated how to increase the performance of the Flat Cell Filters. Previous designs of this filter, while superior to a filter bag, had a sheet of filter media as a separator between the two sides of the filter. This separator reduced airflow a bit, and slightly hindered cleanability.

The new design of the Flat Cell filter is both esthetically and functionally superior due to the invisible glue beads that give the filter better efficiency and increased airflow. The new design has the pleat tips glued together, meaning no extra sheet of filter or other adhesives are required, and the result is better stability, performance, and cleanability.

The Nordic Air Filtration Tip2Tip provides the following advantages:

> Lower pressure drop within the filter collector

> Increased stability due to the glued and uniform pleat spacing

> Improved cleaning characteristics during pulse cleaning sequence

> Improves the durability of the filter cartridges significantly

Please see the following one-pager and get more information regarding sizes, temperatures and pleat heights in which the new product is available. 
You can download the one-pager here