China Steel Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Forum

Nordic Air Filtration team from China exhibited at "China Steel Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Forum", Beijing, July 13th, 2019.

The theme of the forum was "New Beginning of Green Development of China Steel & Ultra-Low Emissions Leading Revolution". The forum, the leaders and experts of the conference focused on a series of issues such as ultra-low emission regulations within the steel industry, carbon emissions and the improvement of green and low carbon development capacity of steel enterprises, sharing advanced environmental protection, energy-saving technologies, and successful experiences.

Ultra-low emissions are a new starting point for the green development of the steel industry. This will inevitably require further innovation in technology, and will also lead to revolutionary changes in the traditional steel manufacturing industry.

Bona Bo, IAF Sales Director of Nordic Filter Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., was invited to talk about the plan against heavy pollution within steel enterprise in 2019. He shared his experience about air pollution curbing and controlling concerning steel enterprise in key cities,  by introducing the pleated bag filter cartridges usage in the ultra-low emission projects for iron and steel industry.

"We have mutually understood more about iron and steel enterprises, and further, we’ve been invited by some of the enterprises for sharing additional technical information about how do our products meet the revolutionary changes in the traditional steel manufacturing industry. " Bona Bo - Sales director