China is looking to adapt Danish technologies against air pollution

Last week a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of the Environment was in Denmark to learn more and adapt Danish technologies in relation to Air Pollution Prevention and Control.

Nordic Air Filtration, represented by the Managing Director - André Radley Grundahl was invited to talk about how to reduce global pollution, and at the same time to increase productivity, without additional costs for the user.

The delegation (Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences together with the Foreign Economic Cooperation Offices of Ministry of Environmental Protection) were interested to find out how Nordic’s engineered filter solutions can ensure energy savings, improve productivity and improved particle emissions on a large scale in accordance with ISO 16890 – the latest particles standard.

When talking about dust pollution, the cement factories have a high environmental impact and China is the biggest cement producer in the world. According to data from the Global Cement Directory 2018, the country manufactured 2.38 billion tons, representing 58.6% of global production, in 2017.[1]

A recent case study made by Nordic Air Filtration focuses on a cement plant whose problem was high emissions. Upgrading with Nordic Air filters, the result was that the emissions had a significant decrease from 22mg/Nm3/h to 1mg/Nm3/h, saving the environment and even improving the productivity by 10% without added costs to the client and ensuring a greener growth.

It is a proven fact that Nordic Air Filtration’s high-performance filtration technology already makes a difference in reducing the air pollution. Nordic has today more than 4.000 product configuration in our range and with our new operation in Kunshan – China we expect to produce most of the configurations during the coming year.

Our strategy is to establish a even stronger foundation in China and Asia, and hereby to support our customers with a much better technical support. We do not only want to help improving the dust collector overall performance of “reducing their running costs” – Our clear ambition in China is also to help reduce emissions and overall pollution level.