Your AAA Rated ISO Certified Partner

ISO certified & AAA rated.

Nordic Air Filtration is known as a reliable partner. We focus on implementing initiatives that benefits our employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and the environment.

ISO Certified

We are ISO9001 certified. By continuously improving work processes, optimizing work flow and monitoring our KPI closely, we are able to adjust, improve, and thereby maintain a competitive workplace. For the benefit of our employees, as well as our business partners. 

We are known to take responsibility in everything we do. When giving advice to our customers, developing new products, manufacturing our filters or experiencing challenges at our customers, we always find the most productive solution benefitting the parties involved.


AAA award for highest creditworthiness

In August 2016, we once again achieved an AAA rating due to 'exceptional degree of creditworthiness and ability to meet our financial commitments'. We have achieved this award since 2011, and that we are very proud of. 

"Reliability is something we value very much at Nordic Air Filtration and we consider the AAA rating one of the important proofs of our reliability - not only financially, but in  general. We always strive to be percieved as a reliable partner in everything we do - and we work hard to improve our work processes and optimize our work flow for the benefit of our employees, our customers and our business partners", says André Radley Grundahl, CEO at Nordic Air Filtration.